4 Reasons You Should Quit Your Alcohol Habit

Save More

Whether you want to accept it or not, the money that you spend on buying alcohol can be equated to money being thrown away! Once you start drinking less, you will save that money and much more since there would be less hangovers that lead to missing work, etc.

Heal Your Body

One of the many organs that is slowly deteriorating due to your drinking is your brain. If you want proof of that, think back to the foggy feeling that you get in your brain when you start drinking. The more you drink and the longer you have been at it, the closer you are to losing your ability to think clearly and deeply.

Better Sleep

When you consume alcohol right before going to bed, it leads to an increase in the brain’s alpha wave patterns. Alpha wave activity will allow you to rest but will still keep you up. What does that mean for you? An even more tiring day at work the next day due to disrupted sleep, that is what it means for you! If you are able to catch a good night’s sleep, then you will wake up in a better mood, improved concentration, and optimal mental performance.

Stop Vitamin D Deficiency

Two other organs that the alcohol you consume interferes with happen to be your liver and pancreas. Both of them are important in the activation and absorption of calcium and vitamin D. These two minerals have multiple roles in your body, keeping your bones strong not being the least important of those roles! Due to alcoholism, your body can face malnutrition and develop a vitamin D deficiency. Other nutrient absorption and assimilation also suffers due to alcohol consumption.

It seems clear to me that staying away from alcohol is really the only option. What do you think?

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