Applying Immunity Blend To Children

I love essential oils! And, for myself, I use my immunity blend roll-on bottle regularly, but I wasn’t sure how to use that for my children. I wasn’t sure if I should use it the same way I use it on myself and my husband, or if it should be in smaller amounts with less frequency. Essential oils are a pretty new field, and many people (including myself) have a lot of questions on the best, safest ways to use these oils to benefit our health, especially when it comes to our children.

What is the appropriate amount, frequency and method when applying to children? My daughter is in first grade, and before I found this blend, she would come home regularly with sniffles and sneezes. But, I found some answers to my questions!


I was a little nervous when I first got my Immunity blend, so I started off with a diffuser, which just pumps it out into the air mixed with water, so it’s very unobtrusive. I found this to be the safest way, and quickly, I began to see a difference with my daughter’s health.

On The Skin

First off, I will tell you that you should NEVER put essential oils directly on the skin of ANYONE, adult or child. I personally dilute it with coconut oil (1 drop EO per tablespoon of coconut oil, then placed in a roll-on bottle) and then rub it on my feet, or those of my daughter. It smells nice, and it’s a chance for a nice foot massage 😉 For my daughter, I do this in the morning before she goes to school, and in the evening before she goes to bed.


This amazing blend can also be used as a household cleaner to help disinfect your home. When I found that out, I immediately wanted to give it a try. Mixing just 3 or 4 drops with every ounce of water, I put it in a spray bottle and used it on doorknobs, countertops, toilets, and anywhere else I knew my daughter would be.

I have been amazed by the way these essential oils, especially my favorite Immunity Blend, has helped my family to be healthy and happy. I would definitely recommend that you start using them with your family! Essential oils are awesome!

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