Easy Methods For Spending Time with Your Family

The first years of a child’s life are important to their personal development and their personalities. It’s important to inspire them by surrounding the with people who teach goodness by their examples. Parents are ABSOLUTELY the best people to do that, but sometimes, in this competitive world, children get lost in the shuffle as parents are rushing around for their careers. They don’t get that time they need, and are given electronics to help pass the time.

What most parents don’t realize is that it isn’t the gadgets that they want; it is bonding time that they crave. If you aren’t sure how to help with your children’s needs, dreams and wants, and you want to be more involved in their lives, here’s how you can make time for your family and kids despite your busy schedules.

Surprisingly, my notepad is filled more with the stuff and activities my kids are involved in rather than the ones I am a part of. I have them all marked: the dates, important events, rehearsals, dance practices and more. I think this is how it should be; instead of prioritizing my own chores, I try to prioritize theirs and make them work according to my schedule.


Reading together also provides a great bonding time with your family. Just a few minutes of reading their favorite story before bedtime will help them appreciate you. Just remember that every opportunity, no matter how brief or prolonged it is, counts.

Vacationing together is also another way to connect with your kids. Instead of taking the train, encourage road trips as they allow more talking time. Don’t wait till the end of the year to celebrate family holidays with relatives; make trips bi-weekly or on a monthly basis.

Take up a new hobby together. It is always exciting to try something new. It could be painting, sculpting, gardening or doing house chores. The idea is to involve your kids and spend some quality time together.

Eating together every night makes for the perfect opportunity to engage with my kids. I ensure that we discuss how our day went and talk about all upcoming festivals, tests or events of importance. I have strictly forbidden any screening of anything while we eat, no matter how big a match or how imperative an episode may be.  

When my kids were a little younger, I used to schedule game nights with them. We would play charades flashcard games, name the animal, place or thing, make puzzles together, build fortresses and have treat quizzes where every correct answer resulted in a treat.

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