Eating Meat: Good Or Bad?

Avoiding meat can be hard, especially if you happen to be someone who really likes food! While the jury is still out on this issue, there is no harm in staying up to date on reasons why we should and should not eat meat. Here are some of the points that are presented by those speaking against and in favor of carnivorism:



Meat is one of the primary sources where we get high quality protein from. There are essential amino acids, which as their name suggests, are essential for our body health. Eating meat is the only way for our bodies to derive these long strings of amino acids. Eating meat has also been linked to increase in muscle mass, making bones denser in older people, and prevent osteoporosis, and bone fractures.

Saturated Fats

Wait, what? Since when is fat good for you? Well, our bodies actually need fats for many of the functions it performs. Saturated fats especially help you have a better chance at fighting heart disease, stronger bones, improved liver health, healthier lungs and brain, proper nerve signaling, stronger immune system, and facilitate the creation of sex hormones.



We have all heard how meat production is striving to keep with the meat demand. We have also heard how this has led to addition of harmful hormones to animals that the meat comes from for increased production etc. These chemicals can increase the risk of developing breast cancer. The hormones can attach to certain tumors and make cancer a possibility.

Weight Gain

High calorie content found in meat, especially red meat means that weight gain becomes more likely for meat eaters. The likelihood increases for people who live mostly sedentary lives. All the energy derived from meat remains unspent, making them fat.  

What do you think? Should we eat less meat or completely cut it off from our diet?

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