How To Give Up Smoking Naturally

I completely understand and realize that many of the remedies that people suggest for giving up smoking are ineffective for some. Expensive medicines and ineffective patches only make things more difficult and prolong your suffering. Yes, it can be difficult to give up smoking. If you have been seriously thinking of giving up the nicotine, then here are a few natural ways that can help.

Get Set Dessert

For many people, the craving for a cigarette can be quenched or at least, delayed with an unusual solution: dessert! This is because what they are really craving isn’t nicotine but carbohydrates. Thus, whenever you feel caught in the throes of another cigarette craving, grab a dessert. Make sure that the serving size of these desserts remains small or you might end up dropping the smoking habit but gaining weight.

Grab a Glass

If you didn’t know this about water already, it is time you do: water is a detoxifier. Pit it against nicotine, which is a toxin, and you will get positive results. Once nicotine has permeated into your system, it becomes difficult to get rid of it because it becomes a part of you. Water can help purge your system, as well as keep you hydrated while you try to stay away from tobacco and nicotine.

Shake It Off

Whenever you feel the craving hit, don’t reach for the death stick. Instead, go out and get some exercise. Working out regularly can help you quit smoking much faster. Include aerobic in your exercise routine and get that heart rate up for maximal benefits.

I hope these tricks work out for you. Let me know which ones do and which ones don’t. If you have other tips, I’d love to hear those, too!

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