How to Have a Strong Marriage

Every relationship goes through several ups and downs throughout its life. Marriage is no exception. It takes time, effort, commitment, and determination from both partners to weather the storms and strengthen your marriage.

Small quarrels, disagreements, and differences are normal in a marriage. In fact, they actually keep a relationship alive and, according to various research studies, they actually contribute towards a happier and stronger relationship. It’s when they aren’t prevented from turning into big fights, or when they hurt feelings, that negatively affect your relationship.

Habits and Tips for a Strong Marriage

Although there are no specific rules or a guidebook to make marriage strong and enduring, successful couples, marriage counselors, and other experts have highlighted certain habits and ways which contribute towards it.

Don’t Play The Blame Game

While blaming the other person for any mistakes, problems or wrongdoings is easier, know that marriage is a partnership and a team of 2 equal human beings in which no one is superior. Rather than finding whose fault it was, take responsibility as a team and work together to resolve the issue.

Bond with Each Other’s Families and Friends

It’s a wonderful thing to see your spouse getting along with your family (and friends), and it’s a pleasure to be able to blend in with their family as well. It may be tough, but it can happen! A bad relationship with your spouse’s family is going to negatively affect your marriage in one way or another.


Rather than always talking and expressing your point of view, listen to your partner as well and give importance to their advice in small things, such as while choosing the home furniture, planning holidays etc.

Know That Everyone Needs Alone Time

Do not always bug your spouse. Respect individual privacy and know that your partner needs individual time no matter how much they love you. If your spouse wants to stay alone or wants to go out with their friends, take it easy and do not get offended or make a fuss over it.

Express Your Love and Value for the Marriage

Many problems arise when couples start taking the relationship and spouse for granted. This mostly happens after many years of marriage. To keep your relationship alive, happy and strong, it is really important that you don’t miss a chance to express your love toward your partner and tell them how much you value your marriage.

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