How To Keep Your Family Fit During The Holidays

Keeping my kids healthy during the holidays is as important as keeping them healthy year round. I know that it’s the time of season to indulge and enjoy goodies and treats galore, but really, it’s hard enough to stay on point during the year why should we derail ourselves for two months during the holidays.

I’m all about keeping the family healthy so we don’t have major regrets come January. Check out my plan of attack as we head into Sweets City this year!

Indulge, But Only A Little
Of course I will indulge and allow my family to as well, but not to an unhealthy extreme. When we go to parties, I give them a mission to find the healthiest snacks possible and then I allow them to have a few of their favorite goodies. But for every time they put an extra goodie in their mouth beyond the little bit of indulgent, it means an extra chore around the house. Both my husband and I also participate, that way we lead by example.

Keep Their Bellies Full
Usually our calendars are jam packed from Thanksgiving to Christmas, but knowing when the parties and outings will happen helps me plan big meals before we go out. This way, the whole family is stuffed with healthy foods and won’t be as tempted to snack on sugary or fatty goodies.

Walk Instead of Ride

Every year, my family and I have a tradition of driving around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. Last year, though, we started a new tradition: we walk around the neighborhood to see the lights. Not only does it help us bond as a family, but it keeps us active and healthy!

Go Outside  

While adding even more activities into an already busy holiday season may seem crazy, it’s all about staying healthy for my family. During this time of year, I take the kids ice skating, sledding and hiking. We also love to build snowmen and snow angels. Anything I can do to keep the kids active rather than sluggishly plugged into the TV all season while snacking is a win-win!

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