How To Travel With Kids

We all know that once November hits, it’s the start of the holiday madness, or at least it is in my house! You’ve got kid recitals, holiday parties and for my family, we have a holiday tradition of visiting the family and grandparents for the holidays.

I’m not sure if it’s better to fly with kids or to drive with kids on a trip for the holidays as each has it’s plusses and minuses. I have found several creative tips when it comes to traveling with my children so that everyone stays sane and happy.

I know a lot of parents are all about plopping a cell phone or iPad into their children’s hands in order to keep them occupied with games. While that method is something I’ve used before, I don’t prefer it unless I have to. I don’t want to raise my kids to be preoccupied with technology when I had to interact with the people around me and find more inventive games. Check out my tips below and try a few so you to can travel with your kids this holiday season!

Always Plan & Pack in Advance
This is the number one tip to help me travel with my kids and I would highly recommend it to any and everyone of you busy moms and dads out there. Start packing at least a week in advance. Leave suitcases open in your room and throw in things you may need as the week goes on. Just make a rule with your kids, though; anything that goes in the suitcase cannot come out until after your trip – this way things don’t go missing when you’re not watching.

Organize Snacks & Drinks With Lids
This is especially important because when kids get hungry it can set them into that ‘hangry’ attitude faster than you can imagine. I always pack carrot sticks and red pepper slices for the airplane and car. Just keep in mind, cereal may be a yummy snack for your kids, but it is very messy, try to avoid snacks with lots of small, easily dropped items.

Pack a Blanket
Whether you’re on a plane or in the car, kids will be kids – meaning they will always fuss and fight with one another. I keep a blanket with me at all times, the separation blanket. I’m sure your kids have done this just as mine have, but when the ‘they’re on my side’ argument strikes, I place a blanket between the kids so they can’t fight about sides.

Give Them A Mission
The best way I’ve found to make traveling with kids go by easier is to give them a mission. For example, when we’re on a road trip, I tell them to find as many out of state license plates as they can on the road. When we’re on the plane, I tell them they have to count as many people as they can find wearing red shirts.

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