How To Unplug & Enjoy Time With Your Family

There are times when I feel like I am no longer connected to my children on the same level. Despite being in the same room every night, we are so engulfed in our electronics that we rarely talk about anything. We hardly ever talk about ourselves any more or have meaningful conversations, conversations about our goals, ambitions, dreams and wishes. Do you recall any of such times with your kids lately? I bet not!

In a world ruled by technology, every parent faces hectic schedules, difficulty maintaining a work/life balance, juggling school, work, after school practices, play dates and so much else that limits family time. There are rarely any houses where dinners are enjoyed like they used to be with the whole family gathering around the dining table, leaving everything behind before finding themselves a seat.

I blame technology. Even when one gets time to spend at home, it is spent looking at phones, TV’s or tablets. Ironically, the purpose of creating them in the first place was to bring people closer, but it looks like it has backfired BIG TIME!

So, whenever I feel like we are becoming distant, I look for opportunities and techniques to bring my family close once again. Here’s what I like to do:

We Watch A Local Sports Game Together

We were in the neighborhood once, just getting groceries on a Saturday night when we heard the crowd cheering a high school team. It all sounded so exciting that we decided to go in and find ourselves a seat. The last few minutes of the game remained as we settled ourselves. In the next few minutes, we were actively among the ones cheering as it really was that exciting. All the way back home, we kept talking about it and I found that activity to be quite memorable. Ever since then, we try to take out some time to watch a football game live and enjoy some family time together.  

I Plan A Road Trip

Believe me, it’s an effective way to bond. Before we get on the road, all of us hand over our electronics, turn them off and keep them away. Unless we really need them, we don’t switch them back on.

Baking Together

Baking is the most fun with kids. Letting them mix, blend and cut dough using a cookie cutter is an absolute treat to watch. The word baking has my family going nuts. It is that one thing between us that makes them get off the couch, ditch their electronics and come join me in the kitchen for some flour-filled fun.

Go Hiking Or Wandering

Hiking in a forest nearby is also another activity that can help unplug the kids, make them come out of the house and have fun. It is also a great way to explore nature and make them appreciate the little things in life.

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