Learn Some More About The Good Bacteria In Your Body

Not all bacteria have been created equal. It might be hard for you to believe that, but there are some types of bacteria that are good for us. In fact, some of the friendly bacteria can be found in our digestive system that are absolutely essential for us to digest our food. Here are other reasons why we need these little guys to stay healthy.

Cholesterol Control

If you take probiotics daily, the level of cholesterol-bearing molecules in your blood will be lowered. Moreover, the good bacteria will also help reduce the levels of bad cholesterol. Bacteria can make that happen by breaking apart bile salts, so that less cholesterol would be absorbed in the gut.

Belly Fat Reduction

The amount of fat stored in the body can increase in the absence of probiotics in one’s diet. Your intestinal flora can prevent the production of a protein, which causes fat to deposit in the belly region. Known as adiposity, this obesity is one of the unhealthiest of all types of obesity.

Immune System Aid

If you have fallen sick several times in a short span, it means that your immune system is having a tough time. Various viruses, pollutants, and other agents of disease keep your immune system busy all the time. From time to time, it needs a helping hand and probiotics can provide it. Probiotic supplementation can reduce the duration and symptoms of a cold.

Gut Protection

Many of us have sensitive digestive systems that can be thrown off the track by something we eat. As a result, we experience diarrhea or constipation – both of which can be quite uncomfortable to deal with. Stress that causes this disturbance in our gut can be reduced with the help of probiotics. Additionally, when stress turns into chronic stress, things can get worse and lead to irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis.  

They are one of nature’s gifts to us; let probiotics help!

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    • CSALT
    • August 29, 2017

    Anything good for menopause symptoms. I am recovering from estrogen progesterone positive breast cancer. They are going to medically induce menopause so I can taking estrogen blocker for the next 5 yrs to prevent reoccurrence. I’m only 46 & have been to hell & back the last year with drug failures that were suppose to shrink my tumor so that I could have a lumpectomy & be done. Wrong I went from stage 2 to stage 3 in 6 months & ended up with a double mastectomy & currently 30 radiation treatments. I have my 3rd new oncologist who is fabulous along with my entire radiation team but menopause really has me stressing out. I work full time & have 3 very active girls. I’ve read up on the drugs I will be on & of course I know there is good & bad about them. As a pharmacist I always try to see if the good out weighs the bad but sometimes knowing so much makes it harder. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

      • Editor
      • August 29, 2017

      here is a link to a great blend called women’s synergy, designed specifically to help us keep hormones in balance. http://ultrapureoil.com/product/ultra-pure-oil-womens-synergy-blend-pre-diluted-roll-on-10ml/ They are a great company; I’ve used this blend, and I love it. It really helps a lot! I would definitely say it’s worth a try for your situation 🙂

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