Natural Motion Sickness Relief

Vacations are the best! But something that can bring the fun and games to a crashing halt: Motion sickness. Maybe you’ve experienced this with one of your own children. Maybe two or three. Maybe, it’s you yourself who can sit in the car for longer than an hour. Whatever the case, here are some natural solutions to help you and your little ones feel good enough to sing “the wheels on the bus” for the thousandth time!

Herbal Tea

Keep coffee completely out of reach during the trip. Instead, help the motion sick child in keeping their stomach set with herbal tea.  A pinch of lemon in the herbal tea also helps in keeping the vomiting at bay and gradually helps them in calming down.

Apple Juice

Drink pure and non-citrusy apple juice before departing for the trip and the motion sickness will keep its distance. Apple juice is great with illnesses.


Perhaps one of the best and most potent natural remedies for treating motion sickness, ginger in any form, prevents all kinds of motion sickness and allows everyone to have a great time with the family.  For younger kids, ginger candies can be used or ginger as ginger ale (non-alcoholic) or even dried ginger, can work.


Peppermint is a great medicine for treating motion sickness and relieving the symptoms of nausea. Peppermint provides relief in various ways. Chewing on peppermint all through the trip helps in keeping the stomach calm, subsiding nauseous feelings and simply keeping the person at peace.

Black horehound

People have been using black horehound tea to treat motion sickness for a long time. The leaves of this herb are steeped in water to prepare the tea and drinking it thrice a day makes the trips easier and calming.

If a long road trip is scheduled in the near future, start testing out these natural remedies to have a picture perfect vacation for the whole family!

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