Prepare Naturally For Disasters

Natural disasters happen all the time, without warning. We hear about them all over the world, and a lot of times we think, “That could never happen here.” But, it could! The best start to being prepared for emergencies, from natural disasters to layoffs, is a decent food storage. And, why not make your food storage natural and healthy while you’re at it?

Ideas for Food Storage

Storing food is as important as keeping your house intact is for you and your family’s protection and survival during a disaster. Rather than freaking out by the news of an upcoming disaster, keep the following tips in mind to make sure you do not run out of food as long as the emergency lasts:

Choose the foods that do not have special storage needs

Foods that require as little preparation and equipment as possible are great for emergencies because you might run out of gas, electricity and other utilities. Hence, you may not be able to cook or store food in the refrigerator

Choose the foods that are neither too spicy nor salty. By eating such foods, you will need more drinking water which might go short during an emergency

Go for foods that are nutritious and rich in calories. This is to make sure your body’s requirements is fulfilled even by eating a small amount of food

Select food items that you can easily carry. This is to make sure you can easily carry the food in case you have to relocate during the emergency

Rather than gathering foods from only one food group, add a variety to your food supply. You will need proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and all other necessary nutrition to stay fit and healthy during the disaster.

Best Nutritious and Healthy Foods to Store

Brown rice


Canned salmon, tuna, turkey, or chicken

Nuts, dried fruits, and trail mix

Dried beans

Dried meat

Energy or granola bars

Sea vegetables or canned veggies and fruits

Canned soups

Peanut butter

Whole wheat crackers

Powdered milk


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