Remedies Using Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is the best! I love it! It has so many great uses, and it smells (and feels) great! It also has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that make it a great remedies for many ailments I (and my kids) go through.

Acne and Acne Scars

Acne is common in kids nearing their teen years and this unwanted skin breakout certainly affects their confidence. Tea Tree Oil is one of the most effective natural remedies to treat acne and its scars with its anti-microbial properties. It might take a bit longer to heal but it works a lot better than medications with little side effects.


Warts are an unattractive nuisance and a result of viruses on the skin. Tea Tree Oil is my go-to solution for these stubborn warts. Applying it regularly on a wart for a few weeks will eventually fade it away.

Household cleaning

A mother of toddlers and babies has to be very careful about bacteria and viruses in the house. Children’s immune system is weak in its developing stage and everything hits them more harshly. Tea Tree Oil is one of the best antimicrobial cleaners that can keep the house free from harmful germs.


Dandruff in kids is common and it is not just something that often embarrasses them but also affects the growth and health of their hair. Dandruff is an indication of an unhealthy scalp. Fortunately, Tea Tree Oil is the most inexpensive and effective way of getting rid of it by just adding a drop in the shampoo.

Bad Breath

Tea tree Oil is antiseptic which makes it very good at killing bacteria. Bad bacteria are often the cause of bad breath and Tea Tree oil mixed with warm water is a great way to clean the mouth and get rid of unhealthy bacteria.

The benefits of Tea Tree Oil are endless and it has been used as a permanent household remedy in Australia since the last 100 years and is a great solution for mothers.

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