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How a few drops changed my family

If you’ve got family or relatives going back to school you might get the same reoccurring nightmare that I get. I cringe thinking of when my family gets its first running nose because I know it could be the beginning of ‘flu season’. And what does that mean? That means coughing, sneezing, restless nights, missed […]


5 Best Essential Oils for Winter

The use of essential oils for health purposes goes back to ancient times and history often credits the ancient Egyptians with being the first society to use these oils. Hippocrates from ancient Greece is also credited with using essential oils for their healing and curative properties. Using oils has become a very popular way to […]


How to Use Essential Oils in Your Home

You’ve probably been hearing more and more about essential oils and how useful they can be. But what exactly are essential oils? The easiest to understand definition I found is this: “Essential oil is a natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which it […]


Genius Essential Oil Tips and Tricks

How to use Essential Oils.  If you are new to Essential oils, or even if you have been using them with your family for years, there are so many tips and tricks to using oils in your journey to a less-chemical-filled life. There is something about a home that smells good and is chemical-free!! How […]


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