Take Care Of Common Household Spiders Naturally!

How many times have you heard your children shouting, “Mom!” in the last week? If you’re like me, you hear it often, and immediately think, “What is it this time?” as you follow the sounds of their voices. Over the last week, I’ve walked in at least three times to see my kids huddled in a corner, pointing fearfully at the other corner currently occupied by a tiny terrifying little spider.

Now, you could just take each of those scenarios as they come and take care of the issue however you see fit! But, you never know what kind of spider will come in next. Black Widow? Brown Recluse? Hobo Spider? Who knows! Fortunately, there are ways to prevent them from even coming inside! Here are a few.

Coconut Oil and Water

This one is a quick solution. Just pour one part coconut oil and two parts water in a spray can and send the liquid jetting on the spider’s abode.


If you and your family are fine with the smell of garlic, then you can use it combined with water to spray around the house and prevent the unwelcome visitors from entering your house.  


If you are not a fan of any of the above-smelling repellents, then you can use tobacco for spider eradication. Mix water and Tobacco and spray it in all the spider-infested corners of the house.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are good for many things, and keeping household spiders at bay is one of them. Since spiders are repelled by strong smells, just fill your spray bottle with a tea-tree, lavender, rose or peppermint essential oil and water and squirt it all around the house.


Take an orange or lemon peel and rub it on the surfaces where you often see spiders. It will be enough to keep the spiders at bay for days.

Spiders can usually be repelled by using any strong smelling substance. However, since you are living in the same vicinity, the above mentioned tips and tricks are some of the most pleasant options for you and safest for the family!

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