The Health Benefits of Dandelions (And Other “Weeds”)

Weeds and dandelions that we often find in our yards are not as wild as we think them to be. As a matter of fact, these weeds that we pull out and throw away are hiding some of the best cure for you and your children. Once you get to know them, you’ll never be tossing them away. Let’s discover more about them:

Health Benefits of Dandelions

  • Inflammation is often experienced by kids. Eating dandelions can help them relieve this pain thanks to the fatty acids and antioxidants present in them.
  • Dandelions are very effective in cleansing liver and flushing out toxins from the body. Teenage children suffering from acne and severe breakout will find it very useful.
  • In addition to eating the dandelions, the juice extracted from its roots can also be applied topically to treat wounds, warts and other skin problems. Medicines used for these ailments often come with side effects.
  • The digestive system of children is rather weak and one misstep might cause indigestion, stomach troubles, and pain. Dandelions are one of the best solutions for regulating proper digestion and even help with the kids who never have an appetite. Mild laxative in Dandelion helps kill intestinal bacteria.
  • Kids jump around all day and in order to be physically fit, they need strong bones. Dandelion is rich in calcium and helps the kids in their growing age to have better developments of bones.  Even adults will find it beneficial to protect against bone weakening upon aging.
  • Dandelion is also beneficial in fighting against diabetes and building up a strong immune system.  

Health Benefits of other weeds

  • Daisies are more than just pretty flowers. Wild daisies are very beneficial for gastrointestinal and respiratory tract disorders in children. Daisies brewed in tea are also effective with inflammation.
  • Chickweed is an angel in disguise for the families with kids. Applying chickweed topically can help treat minor cuts, rashes and burns. It even helps in soothing irritating bladder.  

However, keep an eye out for allergic reactions. If you already know that your child may be allergic to pollens from either daisies or dandelions, check up with their doctor first!

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